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Open Bust Full body Shapewear with Zipper 5001

18.500 Ft (tartalmazza az adót) 29.995 Ft Kedvezmény 11.495 Ft

This zippered faja is easy to put on and take off, with non-slip legs, open chest and zipper at the crotch for easy breastfeeding and toileting. Whether it is weight loss, postpartum recovery, etc., it can shape the perfect waist and buttocks curve.

The open bust gives you freedom to wear the bra of your choice. The front zip helps you party without panicking in case of a pee-mergency!

Slip it on under a fitted dress for Demi-Goddess curves.

No RollUp- Anti-roll silicone strips ensure a snug fit on the thighs, avoiding the hassle of curling the leg fabric.

Shape the Perfect Body Curve- This post-op shapewear offers the perfect combination of durability and comfort. For women's shapewear bodysuits, ours outlast any other post-abdominal bodysuit.

Easy to Use and Sexual Design- In addition to perfectly defining your curves, the zipper style is uniquely designed to allow you to go to the bathroom more comfortably and easily without taking off your shapewear.

The full body shaper is available in Beige colour.

Product Details

Fabric: 52% Polyamide(Nylon) 48% Elastane(Spandex).
Lining: 75% Polyamide(Nylon) 25% Elastane(Spandex).
Size Range- S-XXL
Color- Beige, Black
Weight- 300g
Features- Zippper Closure
Laundry Guide- Handwash
Package List- 1 Shapewear, 1 Plastic Bag